Daily Observances #3
Multiple Photographs
24"x 36" and 40"x 50"

Over the summer of 2011 I began a series I call Daily Observances in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

This project involved a short walk to the bay each morning and the making a photograph of the bay/sky at exactly 7:00 AM with precisely the same composition. When the wind was right I could hear the 7 o'clock church bells sound, and would make the exposure at that moment. I continued the process for a total of 78 days over the summer. There was a rhythm, repetition and discipline to the process that made it feel like a daily meditation or secular prayer.

The piece was shown as a grid of photographic images - seven days wide in four rows - representing the 28 days. The horizon lines are precisely aligned and the piece becomes a visual journal of weather, light, color and the incremental movement in and out of the tides on the expanse of flats. Coastal environments experience remarkable changes in atmospherics from day to day and over a period of weeks the light reveals even its seasonal characteristics. The utter simplicity of the imagery contrasts with its remarkable density of information. It is a piece I intend to continue to work on over the next several years.
Daily Observances
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