Thalassa #3 (Provincetown)
Archival Pigment Print
image 19"x32"; sheet 23"x36", edition of 10

In 1999 I had the opportunity to spend some time traveling in Asia. The way in which spirituality is infused into daily life there had a profound impact on my work. Seeing vernacular street-side temples in Nepal, little spirit houses in Thailand and the many sculptural manifestations of the Buddha all affected the way I saw my environment.

Upon my return I began to make a number of pieces that dealt directly with the iconic image of the Buddha. Sometime later, while spending time in a primitive dune shack out in the National Seashore in Provincetown, I came upon the idea of raking large Zen Gardens out in the sand dunes and photographing them. I continue to be drawn to the idea of making a mark in the environment which is temporary and is sometimes puzzling as to how and why it is made. The wind and rain erase them all within a few days.

Zen Dunes Series