Islands of Provincetown and Truro—1944 Projection with Corrections
Altered Topographic Print, Archival Inkjet Print

Like many of us concerned with climate change and related matters I have been thinking about how a rise in sea level would affect our lives. Obviously there are places on the earth that would experience devastating change - the Maldives for instance - risk obliteration from these changes.

I wanted to look at what would happen to Cape Cod with a substantial rise in sea levels. I chose to re-map the coastline based on a rather substantial change - a 10 foot rise in sea level. A number of coastal geologists and scientists have said that this is impossible in the short run. What we now know is that there are often accelerating effects from climate change - massive hurricanes, tsunamis, and polar ice cap melt could all combine to accelerate the process significantly.

This work re-maps the Outer Cape (Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet) based on a 10 foot rise in sea levels. Peninsulas become islands, new bridges are required, the airport disappears and many dramatic changes are evident. I have developed the work by altering the U.S. Geodetic Survey Topographic maps to reflect this change.
Re-Mapping Project
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