Big Bang Yin Yang
Photomontage, archival inkjet print
22"x34" and 32"x50" (each editions of three)

A couple of years ago I began to pay close attention to the
chalkboards – unerased as well as erased – in the classrooms I was teaching in at Boston University. My seminar room was often covered with a patchwork of technical and mathematical symbols I usually did not fully comprehend but that I found visually exciting and so began to photograph them. The next term I followed a philosophy class and continued to photograph the chalkboards. In 2008 I started methodically working my way through the arts and sciences building photographing extensively.
After accumulating a large inventory of images – some covered with the scrawl of mathematical and engineering symbols, others with bits of language and text – I began combining these images digitally into large photomontages that are richly layered and often mysterious combinations of found text and marks. In the more recent pieces I have been working more with the ghostly erased boards – with bits of their past showing through.

Much of my work in photography has been about chance, found marks and the elusiveness of all mark making. I have photographed sequences of snail drawings in wet sand and raked sand dunes into large Zen gardens. I have always been fascinated by the role chance plays in life and have tried to incorporate its mystery into my art work.
Chalkboards Series